Monday, July 1, 2013

Staying Fit on the Road....Part 1 (Food Edition)

Before heading out to Colorado for 8 days, I made sure to plan out my workouts, healthy snacks, and even some meals. Since we booked a cabin that had a full kitchen this was pretty easy to do. I am not a big fan of eating out, especially for every meal on a long vacation. Having the option to cook for ourselves was just an added bonus to our little cabin in the mountains.

Here are some healthy snack ideas for your next road trip:
**homemade granola bars
**quest bars
**stove popped popcorn (nothing beats stoved popped popcorn...although Angie's Popcorn comes pretty close)
**homemade salsa and chips
**pre cut up veggies
**rice cakes and individual Justin's Peanut Butter packets

This granola was a lifesaver! We used the loose granola for cereal and took the granola bars with us on our hikes! I will post the recipes later this week. I will definitely be making more soon.

Our hiking essentials along with plenty of water!

Couldn't leave home without my Shakeology! I packed a tub full of kitchen essentials which included my Ninja blender, my French Press, and my electric Tea Kettle!

The few times we did eat out I made sure to choose wisely! Big organic salads, fresh fruit, or gluten free pizza with local organic ingredients:

Most nights we just grilled out back at the cabin! By planning ahead and picking healthy choices while eating out, I didn't feel bad about cutting loose and enjoying myself ... (here's the proof)
This little place in Glenwood Springs had wine, truffles, and ice cream! I was in heaven!

With just little planning and determination you don't have to completely wreck your diet/healthy lifestyle because you are on vacation. It isn't an excuse, it is a choice! I came back from vacation feeling great and missing our daily hikes.

What do you do to assure you don't get off track while on vacation?

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Catherine Holman said...

That granola looks great! I may have to try that!