Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Great Granny Square Swap...

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I am suprised by the number of people who showed interest in the granny swap! Thanks goes out to Becky and
Chelsey for spreading the word!

So here are the details:

You have until Saturday, February 13 to sign up. Please sign up in the comments of this post with your name and email address. I will send out an email to everyone by the 16th of February giving you a few more details.

I am thinking that each person will make one granny square for everyone that signs up. So...if ten people sign up you will make ten squares. If twenty people sign up you will make twenty. I don't see the number getting too high but I will have to cut it off early if too many people sign up! You will have until April 9 to mail all granny squares to me. You will also need to provide at least $5.00 to cover the shipping.

After I receive the granny squares I will seperate them all out and mail them all to you!! I will be starting a Flickr group to showcase how your granny squares are coming along and so you can post what you make with them afterwards.

Please only sign up if you know you are really interested! I don't want people to back out at the last minute after everyone else has held up to their end of the bargain.

If you have already let me know you are interested....PLEASE leave your information here again in the comment section. And if anyone has any further questions you can email me at

I think this is going to be a lot of fun! Here are some beautiful granny squares to get you inspired:

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Anonymous said...

I'm in! I can't wait to see everyone's granny squares!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could participate in this one...but alas I don't crochet....YET! :) XX

janel. said...

I am IN!!! yay!

chelsey. said...

dude, you know i'm all in for this one.

sooooo excited!!!

Anonymous said...

Um. This is a great idea.
Sign me up please!

Saving Capulet said...

i wish i can join, how i wish i can crochet ._.

Becky Farley said...

Me me me :) I'm in!!!
here's my email:

arixystix said...

I would LOVE to be apart of this :)

Catherine said...

I want to join in the fun!


elycia said...

ohh yes please! i just started making granny squares. they are too cute.


S and O said...

This is such a brilliant idea...of course I'm in -- wouldn't want to miss out on all this fun:D

here's my email:


p.s. I totally can't wait to get started, I'm going to pick up some new yarns next time I'm at the craft store...eeeeeee!! :D

Shanny said...

I'm so in!!

Yay! I'm really excited now ^_^

Anonymous said...

this just made my day :) no way would I pass this up!

Anonymous said...

I put a post up about the swap on my blog today :)

jozen said...

yay!! super fun :)


Sweet Escape said...

Okay!!!,,,count me in!!! :D...eeek!!


KCFitch said...

Count me in too.


JenCoen said...

that's it! i gotta learn how to make granny squares!!

Elise said...

I wanna join in it sounds like a lot of fun.

Lynne said...

I am interested in this swap but I'm not sure if there are any stipulations as to the size of the square, type of yarn such as double knit, and whether it is a specific pattern.
Looks a great idea.

Lynne said...

Count me in please.

Kellie said...

YAY! I would love to join.

Here's my info:

Thanks so much!

madison said...

i want to join!!!

i'm so excited!!!

Debbie Henriksen said...

Oh I am definitely in! Sounds exciting!
Debbie xxoo :)

heather dawn said...

i would love to join in too!!!

Unknown said...

I would love to join this swap!