Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Suprise Birthday Bash!!

We hosted a suprise birthday party for our dear fried Sarah this weekend. It was a success!! Even after some texts that were sent to her by mistake we still managed to keep it a secret!

I made Sarah and Cyndi both crocheted hats and an aquarius embroidered picture.

Kerry made me my very own gluten free strawberry cake with chocolate chips! It was so cute I didn't want to cut into it!! It is the cutest cake I have ever seen!

The crochet hats became a big hit of the party! I have currently made 5, but want to try and make one for everyone in our group of friends.

Today was perfect! I enjoyed staying inside and crafting while watching reality tv! I made two garlands to hang up for Valentine's Day. Ever since we took down the Christmas decorations (Friday night...gasp! we were a little sad to see them go) I needed something festive!!

Don't forget that you can still sign up for the granny square swap! I think right now we are at twenty people and that is awesome! I have had several people ask me whether we will all be doing the same size and pattern. I am kind of torn because I would really love to just leave it up to the individual. I think it would be neat to see all the different shapes and patterns people come up with. However, I understand that it might be difficult to make something with them being all different shapes and sizes. So.... what do you think? Would you rather it be up to the individual or would you like it be a certain size and pattern? Your feedback would be wonderful!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!! I know I did. I am sad to see that it is almost over. Poot and I did not watch the game today. We did however record it and fast forwarded to The Who at halftime. We stopped at a few commercials but that is it. Are we the only people not watching??



Anonymous said...

I vote leaving the granny square size, shape, etc up to each person...I would love to end up with 20+ different granny squares to use in various creative ways!

One eye wonder dog said...

You missed a good game for a change. Glad Saints won............

Lindsay said...

you missed an amazing game!!!!!! I love yoour owl cake and all the cutie hats you made!! so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Great hats and banners! I love that you got your own sweet! And your aquarius stitched piece is awesome! xxo

Jamie said...

How fun!!! Loooove the owl cake and all your cutie hats!! Those garlands are sooo great!!!! Happy Monday to you!!!!

JenCoen said...

Looks like a fun party... Love the cake!!
And your garland... so cute!!! :-)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

ok first of all- cutest couple photo EVER of the 2 poots!! :)
and that cake is to die for!!!! so awesome.

Jenni said...

Cute hats!!! That valentines banner is darling! I love it!

christina said...

First of all, that cake is amazing. I seriously gasped when I saw the picture.
Second of all, I was supposed to take my Christmas tree down this weekend, too... only that didn't happen. So it's still up! LOL.
For the square swap, I think a standard size would be great, but I'd love to see everyone's individual colors and patterns.
What about materials? Any yarn type? Or acrylic for allergy sakes? I'm flexible.
Glad you had a fun weekend!

Unknown said...

love the cake! The hats are too cute!


Alexandra said...

Love your hats and that cake is fantastic! xx