Monday, July 7, 2014

I failed my way to Success!

Let's be honest. My fitness journey has not been easy. I have made so many mistakes along the way but the one CONSTANT force that pushed me along was the challenge groups I joined.

These private groups put me in touch with some pretty amazing people that I consider close friends now. As a TEAM we pushed ourselves out or our comfort zones, leaned on each other for support, celebrating numerous success, and did not give up. Did we want to? Of course, but there is something about having other people counting on you that makes you think twice about skipping a workout, or eating an extra slice of pizza.

Are you ready to make a change but afraid of failing? I will be running a new challenge group that will start on July 28 and run for 30 days. We will focus on finding the best program for YOU and your goals and will teach you ways to clean up your diet! There will even be prizes awarded when the challenge is over!!

Together we will fail (because no one is perfect),but ultimately succeed!

Want more information?? Leave a comment below with your email address or shoot me a private message at ambercoxfitness at gmail dot com.


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