Thursday, July 10, 2014

In a Constant State of WAIT

We are always in a constant state of waiting. Waiting to be that person we are on the verge of becoming. We have all done it,and if we are honest with ourselves, doing it now. Waiting to be in grade school, then high school, college, and to finally become an adult!! Or maybe you are waiting to be fit. No matter what you are waiting for, the thought is always the same:

"When I become______________, THAT is when life will begin!"

While we are doing all this waiting, our life is actually passing us by!

Are you waiting for your BIG moment so you can start living that life you have been waiting/dreaming of? We might have a few big moments here and there, but it is the tiny moments that matter. It it is the tiny moments that lead to the BIG moment. These tiny moments might seem mundane and ordinary, but they are just as special!

It is time that we stop waiting and start living NOW! Start taking in those tiny moments throughout your day. These little moments might be the picnic you take with your family on a Saturday afternoon, or a smile from a stranger you pass in the grocery store when you needed it most, or a long over due conversation with a friend you haven't seen in awhile. This is LIFE my friend in all its glory!!! Let's start living instead of waiting!!!

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Unknown said...

I love this post because I see myself in it and I really try to force my self to live in the here and now! But I am such a future person and love to make plans for later when I am ..... haha^^
Good to know I am not the only one with this ;)