Friday, April 17, 2009

Under Construction!!

I have always dreamed of having my own creative workspace! When I moved in with Scott we decided to turn our extra bedroom into the craft room. The wood floors were in pretty bad shape so I decided I wanted a checkered floor. I love turquoise so choosing the wall color was easy. One day while browsing flickr I saw a room that had a orange and turquoise theme. I fell in love. It took Scott and I several days to mark it off and paint but it turned out great. Unfortunatly my supplies have taken over and you can barely walk in there now!!

I am posting the messy room in hopes that it will prompt me to clean it up! Then I can show you how pretty it can look!! I know it will never stay clean but sometimes it is nice to have a fresh start. I did manage to organize my fabric on my shelves so that is a step in the right direction.

So Poot and I (that is what Scott and I call each other... Poot and Poot)have deemed Friday's "Craft Night".Our friends are invited to bring a project to work on while we eat yummy food and watch tv! Tonight we are having gluten free spaghetti! Yum!! Oh... and mojito cuptails for dessert. They are amazing! Thank you Rachel Ray (love your mag) I will try and take a picture and post the recipe of them tomorrow. Well...dinner is calling my name. Have a great Friday night!

PS: I am posting what I am crafting right now. It is a picture designed by Elsie (of course!! Love her)that I am embroidering. It is going to say Two Poots Manor which is what we have named our little house.

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Catherine Holman said...

Cute project Poot!