Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Recap of Last Week

I always have good intentions to post more than once a week, but these weeks seem to get more and more hectic. I spent most of my time working on my mother's day presents and a birthday gift. I ended up finishhing them all up just in time! Here are some things that I loved about last week:

*Early morning rain
*the smell of coffee
*crafting over my lunch hour

*the new Coconut Records album
*that my laundry is finally done and put away
*eating a fancy gluten free cake while wearing a new vintage dress

*PS I Love You (I never get tired of watching it)
*Fresh Strawberries
*Getting to hang with this amazing woman...My Mom!!

*Finishing my list of projects for the week on time

Overall it was a great week. Tonight we went to the movies because we got free passes to screen the movie Taking Woodstock. I was so excited to see it but they overbooked the theatre. We ended up getting a free movie pass to the movie of our choice so we ended up seeing Disney's Earth. It was breathtaking! I felt like a kid every time there was a prey/hunting scene and I would cover my eyes! I highly recommend this film though but try and see it on the big screen! Well... I am off to finish watching Idol.

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Catherine Holman said...

You're the sweetest, most talented, energetic daughter ever! Love my embroidered picture honey! By the way, you look very cute in your vintage dress!
Love ya,