Monday, June 15, 2009

A Marvelous Monday...

As the wedding gets closer you are probably going to see more posts about all the crazy things that I try to cram in to one day! I am suprisingly calm as the day approaches. This last week I got some great etsy treats in the mail for our wedding day. For about a year I have been following Emily Frame's blog at: I love going there for fashion inspiration. Her and her husband are such a cute couple. So I was very excited to find out that she had started her own accessory line on etsy called MotleyHandMade. I was lucky enough to have her make me my hair piece for the big day.

She sent the cutest card along with it that said:
"Something old, something new, something Motley, something blue. We send our love and hope your big day is full of joy and laughter." I thought it was so sweet and I can't wait to wear it! I also got a necklace and earrings but forgot to take a picture. You can see them however in my etsy favorites in the right column of this blog. They are turquoise and red with birds!

My parets have been staying in Springfield,MO because my grandpa was in a motorcylce accident and is in the hospital there. He is doing a little better but will probably be in the hospital for awhile. Please keep him in your prayers. On there way home, however, they stopped at Red Velvet Art and brought me home this:

It made my night!!! So cute!

This week Scott and I have given ourselves a challenge. We are NOT going to the grocery store at all. We are going to try and make dinner with only the things we have on hand. We are hoping that this will help us save some money and not let the items we do have go to waste. Tonight we made shrimp tacos with mango and avocado salsa. It was so yummy!!

We are also going to try and eat salads for lunch all week!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am really looking forward to this week. We are having a garage sale on Saturday and feel like I am going to get a lot accomplished! I have made several lists and have already started marking things off. Such a good feeling! What is on your to do list this week?



em ♥ muffin said...

i love it! can't wait to see it in your beautiful bridal hair!

Catherine Holman said...

It's adorable Amber. I can't wait to see it in your hair! You and Scott are quite the chefs! The food looks and sounds wonderful!
I love you baby,

Kjirsten said...

You will be so beautiful!! So your big day is coming up!?!? How exciting. Have fun and best wishes. Maybe after the big day we can hook up. Love you!!