Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My list is getting shorter...

The wedding check list that is! We finished the invitations this weekend with the help of our friends Keith and Kerry! It couldn't have been done so quickly without their help. I think they turned out really good for doing them all by hand.

It feels so good to have that big tasks marked off!

This weekend is going to be crazy but so fun. Friday we are having a garage sale. Then that night our friends are throwing our bachelor and bachelorette parties for us. My friends have booked a suite at The Elms! I can't wait!!

Saturday I am attending a baby shower for my cousin Amy. Her and her husband Ryan recently adopted their son Carter. They live in Columbia, MO so I don't get to see them very often. I can't wait to catch up with my family and finally meet this little guy!! I am making him some cute goodies:

**I got these adorable embroidery patterns from Elsie's class I took a few months ago. I think I need to make myself something with the ship pattern. Love it!!!
**I made the bow that is in the last photo from a target bag. I found the link to this on my new favorite blog by Janel. This girl is super talented and seems like such a sweetie. Check out all her talent here:
I have been getting inspiration from her daily this week!!

Sunday is the Cox side of Scott's family reunion. This will be the first time meeting most of this side of his family. I am really looking forward to getting to know them. Tomorrow Scott and I have our second marriage counseling session. We are doing this along with the book The Five Love Languages. Tomorrow we will take the quiz to find out what our own love language is. Right now Scott thinks mine is gifts:) I don't think there is anything wrong with that!!

Oh... and we have a new nephew that was born today. Mr. Aiden Paul was born this morning. I can't wait to stop by and snuggle him a little!! Well...with a weekend like this I guess I should try and catch some zzzz's.

What are your plans for this weekend??

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Vera Markesteijn said...

it is always great when your list gets shorter! yay :D
Love your invitation :D Wishing you a lovely day!!