Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heading to the very HOT state of Texas!!

Before we headed off on our journey towards Texas we meet everyone for brunch and a little shopping around downtown Eureka Springs. Our meal at Local Flavor was to die for!!! Just look at how excited my brother was to finally get his eggs benedict!!

Shopping in Eureka is definatly a unique experience. There are so many great art galleries and boutiques to go through! Here are the highlights from our shopping excursion:

I had been seeing signs for Dinosaur World through out the town so on our way out of town we decided to check it out!!! We drove and drove only to find this:

Even though it was closed we still got some laughs. I am not sure what I thought I would find though.

On our first night we tried to save money and decided to check out the "new" rooms at Motel 6. I was a little worried so imagine my reaction when I opened the door to this:

I was very impressed!!

We had such a fun time on day one of our road trip. We had made several mixed "roadtrip" cds to listen to and I read to Scott while he drove. That is probably one of my favorite things to do with Scott...roadtrips!! We honestly never run out of things to talk about.

Happy Wednesday!!! We are almost to the weekend. I can't wait!! I did some birthday shopping tonight for Scott and tried to adapt a cookie recipe and make it gluten free. Lets just say I lost a LOT of my expensive gluten free flour. Oh only learn from your mistakes...and the dough tasted good. That is all that matters.


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