Monday, August 10, 2009

More Honeymoon Details...Sorry!!

We spent a day in the Wine/Hill Country of Texas. It was so lovely and relaxing. We had a picnic lunch, meet some friendly wine makers, and made some new fuzzy friends!! Wineries always seem to have the cutest little critters running around!

The rest of our trip in Texas involved:
*The best German dinner EVER!!
*Relaxing in a hot tub nice!
*Going to a bar called Poodies (Our nicknames for each other are Poot and this was close enough for us, plus it was owned by Willie Nelsons road manager who had just passed away)
*Had the sweetest bartender ever at Poodies who made sure to keep my ice tea glass full!
*Had great conversation with a couple from Austin who were really into the art scene there.
*Hiking a mile to Hamilton Pool to lounge in the swimming hole all afternoon.
*Watching the world's largest urban BAT population fly out from under the Congress Bridge in Austin at dusk! I faced my biggest fear!!!!
*Had drinks on 6th Street in Austin
*Shopping several thrift stores in Austin!!
*Made sure to stop at Ikea to have a Sweedish Meatball Lunch before heading back to Missouri!
*Oh...and how could we forget about hitting a "loose" rock at 1am on the back country hill roads in Arkansas and being towed to Branson,MO were we were meeting Scott's family for a family reunion! So scary!!
Here are some pictures for proof:)

**Now it may look like Scott and I had a few too many to drinks and then got in a wreck, but I assure you that it did happen the next evening! Well technically it was already Saturday morning. We didn't actually arrive in Branson until 4am, but we were very lucky. We had just put four brand new tires on are car the day before we left for the wedding...and we ended up blowin two tires and needing new rims. Nothing really major though and we were safe! It still was very frustrating and frightening...not going to lie!!
Well this post is very long... so I promise tomorrow will be the last of the honeymoon deets. I also found some pictures of a few crafty things I had been working on before the I am going to do a give away. So check back in tomorrow to see what it will be!!!


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