Monday, August 10, 2009

Beating the Monday Blues...

I was so excited today when I got on Rachel's blog to see if there was a new post and I saw this:

I am already trying to come up with ways to get the money to take the class. I had so much fun on the last online class these ladies taught. It gave me tons of confidence and courage to try new crafty things. I loved every single project. Now I know Scott if you are reading this that I didn't actually do every project...but I will. And in my defense this new class is geared towards the holidays so I can knock out a few gifts too:)

Here are some other things that I am loving right now.

The beautiful clothes from Plumo.

Check out this amazing hotel:

This cute and quirky hotel is located in Cottonwood, Idaho. If we are ever out that way, we will definatly be staying the night here.

This amazing breakfast of champions:

My favorite are Strawberry and Cinammon. I haven't stopped eating this since I discovered about it two months ago. I love to just eat it as a snack but it is best with Vanilla Soy Milk. YUM!

Listening to a lot of music by these amazing artists lately:

She & Him (I just love everything about her!!)

This is my favorite album from him.

Kings Of Leon...They are coming to Kansas City in October and I can not wait!!

And this album is always in my rotation. It will always be one of my favorite albums. I have been listening to it for years and it never gets old. I love every single song on it!

And I can't wait to see these movies:

Paper HeartsThis movie looks adorable!!
I wish one of these would have been in the theatre on Thursday when we chose to see this:

Six of us went to see it and we all agreed that it should of just been titled:People. That is all I will say about it!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I will be back tonight to post the remaining pictures from our honeymoon!

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