Thursday, September 10, 2009

If I won the lottery...

I would do all my shopping at Anthropologie! Why do I want one of everything that they have? Here are a few things that would fill my closet:

I love just browsing this store though! That alone gives me so much inspiration!

This weekend I have a dinner date with my friend Amy. Scott is performing in a fundraiser for the theatre department at KU and we are going thrifting to see if we can find a bookshelf or storage unit for our living room. I am looking for something to store all of Scott's school books on and my crafting books. Just want to get them off the floor!
So glad that tomorrow is already Friday and it is payday! Weeeeee!!


lydia said...

i was planning to spend today thrifting, too.
i'm not sure if i am anymore, though...
trying to do better on spending money. haha.
good luck on your hunt!

anthropologie is so, so beautiful.
love all of that.
especially that last sweater, button on the side top.
and the first dress.

chelseybell. said...

i totally need a new bookcase too. it's only a small three-shelfer, so i have all the books that don't fit scattered throughout my apartment.

hope you find one!!