Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A new necklace and Loves!!

I took yesterday off to extend my long weekend and so that I could go with Scott to the University of Missouri. They were holding a playwriting workshop and selected one of Scott's plays he wrote to read. I was so proud of him! Before we left I was able to pick up our house, do laundry, and make this necklace thanks to Ruby at was so fun to make and my cats thought so too. They kept trying to attack my fabric braids! I used the fabric I won from Rachel for the necklaces!

Here is a picture of Scott and I outside the building where the playwriting workshop was held. I only had my iphone so the quality isn't that great but the building was amazing!

Besides long weekends here are a few other things I am loving right now:

This adorable bear hat.**Mom if you are reading this, RVA is selling the pattern for this hat, and it would be the perfect gift for me for Christmas *wink*wink... of course that means you would knit it for me:) Love you!

This movie... I can not wait!!

Since I will be waiting awhile for polaroid film, I would love to have one of these:

The Fuji Instax Mini Camera! So cute... I would love one in brown!

And these upcoming new shows this Fall: has Joel McHale and Chevy can't go wrong!!

Bored to Death on HBO... Jason Schwartzman...need I say more?

The New Melrose Place...yep! My guilty pleasure!

I am sure glad I am trying to get back into an exercise routine...with all the shows I think I am going to watch this Fall my couch and I are going to become close friends.

What shows are you looking forward to?

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chelseybell. said...

bored to death and community are actually both on my list of new shows to try and catch--we have awesome taste.

your necklaces are really pretty! i love the colors.

if you're talking about university of missouri in kc, i drove around there once (i was supposed to take a tour, but i was late so we went on our own tour--it was way too cold to get out a walk, crazy tour people!).