Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Work In Progress...

Thought I would show you a few things I have been working on lately. I seem to start several projects all at once. We are taking a road trip to Branson (which just so happened to be mentioned in Glee tonight, ha!) this weekend so I am hoping to finish up at least one of the following...

Inspiration Notebook

**I am constantly tearing pages out of magazines that have things I love or that inspire me. I decided to finally put them in a notebook that I can carry with me!**

Crocheting this afghan...

**Making this for a dear friend for christmas. I don't think he reads this blog so I think I am safe in showing it.**

Knitting this scarf...

**I am actually making this for myself! i fell in love with this yarn and had to snatch it up!! It is sooo soft**

I am also working on a Halloween tshirt from the RVA Autumn Class. I am hoping to finish that tonight and then I will take some pictures. It is so stinking cute!!

Oh...I got this awesome book from my sweet co-worker Deb today! I am very lucky to work with someone as sweet as her!

I can't wait to dive into it and learn some new techniques. I honestly have only knitted scarves but I think I am ready to take on a new challenge. I either want to try knitting a hat or mittens next!

I picked up this adorable shopping bag at Hy-Vee last night. Not only is it eye candy but all the proceeds go to breast cancer research!
Now all I have to do is actually remember to take it in the store with me!!

Well... I am going to go finish watching the first disc of Mad Men (I am already hooked) and paint my spooky tshirt!
What are some things you are currently working on? I would love to hear from you! Reading your comments always make my day!


One eye wonder dog said...

I wish you had a truck like that too. I'd borrow it. Great post........
Love ya

chelseybell. said...

i didn't know hy-vee was so fashion forward!

i don't know if i ever mentioned it to you or not, but i saw that you went to northwest. i went there too--only for a year though--i hated it! just thought you'd like to know we're both (sorta;)) alumni from the same place.

i really love your inspiration journal--that's a neat idea! and it's so pretty!

i loovvee old trucks. i did before twilight, i swear!

can't wait to see what you make with your new book!

Catherine Holman said...

Hey, what's with the cute prints for a baby's room? Love the truck too!

Carrie said...

love the notebook and your blog its too cute! Mad Men is the best