Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day Dream Believer...

I came home from work tonight and franticly started disenfecting Two Poots Manor. I work in a children's hospital and recently had a coworker in the hospital for H1N1. Now I don't usually freak out about these things but it seems like everyone around me is getting sick, so out the Lysol wipes came. No handle or light switch was safe! I feel better now and can finally relax! While cleaning on a very cold and rainy evening I started day dreaming about:

*attending The Flaming Lips concert on New Years Eve in Oklahoma City. I know I probablly won't be able to go due to work commitments but I can still dream!!

*Seeing this movie on the big Imax Screen!

*Owning my own pair of these soon(I need them with this weather we are having!)

*Having some of these in my backyard some day

**We have almost three acres so this is possible!!**

*Last nights concert (so good!!)

*Curling up on the couch to make some of these and watch my shows!

**All images found on google search expect for the KOL concert**My mind was dreaming about all kinds of random things! What are you dreaming about these days?


chelseybell. said...

i'm dreaming about: graduating and starting grad school.

figuring out what i'm going to take in grad school and exactly how far i'll go.

making granny squares.


i hope you don't get swine flu!!

One eye wonder dog said...

Hey there.... I think we need to hook Chelseybell up with your brother, she seems like a sweet gal....... :)

Jamie said...

Such great pics! I love that last one of the goats!!! So cute! I hope you don't get sick!!! I'm stressing about it too with the kids at school and stuff.

I'm dreaming about:
getting my act together and getting out of a rut that I'm in.
making Christmas gifts.
Seeing WTWTA tomorrow!!! Yay!!!
and so many other things...
my mind is a jumbled mess of dreams and ideas and worries, lol!
Hope you have a great day!

Becky said...

:) oh my I love love love love Kings of Leon!!! So glad you had fun!

So I think goats are like cats- cute when they are lil and then it's a cat lol - sorry to the cat lovers! Those baby goats are sooooo precious!!

I love that tie dye looking granny square!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

I intern at elementary schools, so I hear ya with the lysol wipes and hand sanitizer (i always carry it in my purse)! lol

hmm... lately i havent been able to get motivated or inspired to do something pretty. i am however dreaming of getting another tattoo, perhaps an elsie creation?? not sure yet.

Catherine Holman said...

I love the goats and the swirled granny square! See you this weekend!

Megan said...

You're making me want a kid (the goat variety)! You should teach me how to make granny squares... I'm not having much luck.

How far in advance do you think we should buy new moon tickets???