Monday, October 5, 2009

Granny Fever!!!

Just stopping in for a quick post. I am so exhausted from our weekend in Branson. I am hoping to catch up on some sleep tonight! The ride down gave me plenty of time to practice the granny square and I got in on my first try! After every row I would squeel and make everyone look!

I used a tutorial from It is a very easy pattern to read. I am going to try and work on the granny square bag from the RVA autumn class this week.

We also tried to pass the time by playing with some faux moustaches that we found in a vending machine. Too much fun!!

The Spencer Pratt Stache...

The Cataillar Stache...

I will be back tomorrow with the highlights from our trip. And there will be another giveaway annouced this week! Yay...I <3 giveaways!!

1 comment:

Becky said...

so purl bee huh? lol I'm going to figure this out if it kills me! - you did really good lol I'm super proud of you! I love that you squeeled after every row :)