Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Poot Fest 2009

This years Halloween party was a blast. Poot and I went as Pirates along with Keith and Kerry!
*Poot was a very overweight pirate that liked monkeys??*(He stuffed him self with laundry! Ha! It made me laugh...alot!)

*RVA Nerd Pirate*

*Kerry and I...pirating it up!*

We were visited by:

A flapper and Justin Timberlake

*Octomom made it out with all her little ones*

*Two of the sisters from Hocus Pocus*

We had tons of food that were given spooky names like: "witch skin biscuits" "gristle mix" and "goat eyes". Kerry made quacamole and displayed it coming out of a pumpkins mouth. It turned out really cool. Some pictures from around Two Poots Manor on Halloween:

We put up a spooky picture on our bathroom mirror and of course I had to play around with some of my apps on my iphone. We took some pretty creepy picures of our guests throughout the night. Here are my favorites:

Creepy right?? is Monday so I can't forget to mention what I am thankful for today:
*free lunch at work
*this magazine:

I cook out of them all the time. Thank you grandma for ordering this for me every Christmas!
*my wonderful blog readers and blog friends. I love reading your comments you leave me. They mean the world to me! So thank you!
*the beautiful city that I live in. I got to look at this on my drive home tonight!

*the amazing warm weather we have had!
*and I am thankful for my poots protection last night as we made our way through the Chambers of Poe haunted house! It was crazy!!

What are you thankful for this fine Monday?

Well... I am off to package up the items I keep saying I am going to mail out. I promise girls they are coming! I also need to draw up my ornament template. I am not going to bed until that is complete!


Carrie said...

loved all the costumes! The scary pictures were the best :)

Jamie said...

Loove your costume! It's so great! Looks like an awesome time! I'm thankful for all the amazing people I've met in the blogworld you!

Catherine Holman said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Dad, Grandma and I went out to eat and thought about stopping by to crash the party!

chelseybell. said...

love the spooky pictures!