Monday, November 23, 2009

My Christmas Wish List...

I have thought about waiting until December to actually post this but couldn't wait any longer. I know I am not the only one that has their list ready. Of course, I don't expect to get all of this, especially because some of the items are high dollar! It doesn't hurt to dream!

*I would love a spot in this class

Every project sounds amazing!

*I would love to own a pair of these:

*A subscription to:

*This amazing camera would love to be in my hands...I just know it!!

The Fuji Instamax!

*Would love some film for my polaroid!!
*These movies would be a great addition to our collection:

* A vintage record player or a new one that looks vintage!
*Gift certificates to here and here!

There are also several things that I am loving on Etsy! I will save that for another post though. I dont' want to look too greedy!!
What are some things on your christmas list?


Anonymous said...

Great List Amber! I have posted my christmas list a few weeks ago :) You obviously had more "waiting power" than me :) xx

Carrie said...

Great list! I have been working on mine in my head!

Have a great day!


Jenni said...

ohhhh I love the list!! A Real Simple subscription would be divine!!

miss indie said...

I sooo have most of that on my wish list too! :]
And yay for Style School! I'm trying to save some moneys so I can take the class.

Violet Bella said...

great list! the spot in style school is on my list too! i want to do that so bad!

SJ said...

I love love love Toms! I have green ones, and I want red ones for Christmas! I really want a Jon Hart purse for Christmas but those are so expensive. I just love monogrammed things.

I love your list!

Anonymous said...

you should decide which fuji you want. The instax 200 is a monster of a camera but it produces typical polaroid picture. The image you have posted is the smaller one (instax mini 7). Clearly it produces tiny pictures but is much cuter than the huge one that i have. I have some picture on my blog so just search instax on there.