Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful Monday!

I woke up this morning so confused that my alarm was going off on a Sunday! It took me several minutes to figure out that it was actually Monday! I felt so well rested once I finally came to. So that is the first thing I am thankful for today is a good nights sleep!

Today I am also thankful for:
*Happy Mail from this sweet gal
I already have hung up my embroidery in our entryway! I love it! Thank you so much Carrie!!

*That these tasty treats are back in the grocery stores for the holiday season!!

Merry Mint Trees...Yum!!

*That these little guys are done and being mailed out tomorrow for the ornament swap!

*A great night out with frieds karoaking...

My poot is such a good singer. He had been practicing a special song for me for awhile and he was able to sing it to me that night. I am one lucky lady!! The last picture is actually of our friend Keith. He was a hit with all the ladies!

*This tv show!

and that I was able to see Lea Michele in Spring Awakening on Broadway!

The soundtrack is amazing!!

*That tomorrow is my Friday!! Only two days of work tomorrow! Yay!

I am so looking forward to spending some time with friends and family. I know lots of food will be consumed, a lot of movies will be watched, games will be played, and lots of relaxing.

What are you thankful for today?


Jamie said...

I am thankful for those ornaments and I hope they're for Kimi's ornament swap so I get one! hehehe Awesome!!!!!!! Lovely list! You're such a sweetie!

Jenni said...

So sweet! I love your list! and YUM I'm going to have to loook for those tree cakes!!!!!

chelseybell. said...

are those the same as little debbie christmas tree cakes? even if they're not, me and my sisters flip over christmas tree cakes. my mom always buys us boxes when she sees them because she knows we like them so much (she sent me home with one this weekend!).

Amber said...

Chelsey...they are actually ice cream cakes. They also have snowman faces too. So cute and sooo good. The trees are mint flavored!!

Jamie...these are the ornaments for Kimi's swap so you will be getting one. Yay!

SJ said...

Okay. Those ornaments are so adorable. SO adorable! So are you :)

I am beyond jealous that you got to see Lea as the original Wendla. I love her so much! I have been listening to the Glee soundtrack and the Spring Awakening soundtrack pretty regularly for the past few months!

Anonymous said...

The owls are adorable! I know you're glad they're finally DONE!!! And the karaoke pictures crack me up... Keith and his crowd of cougar fans... eat your hearts out ladies, he's taken! ;)