Friday, December 11, 2009

This Weekend...

Two Poots will...

*go on a mystery date (well it is a mystery to me...Scott is suprising me)
*will celebrate 5 months of marriage!!
*gather with our favorite couple for a homemade bowl of potatoe and leek soup
*make french toast
*look at christmas lights all over the city
*drink hot cocoa
*try not to break anything while attempting to ice skate
*strike a pose in a photobooth!!!
*make crepes
*participate in the last reading of A Christmas Carol
*have a drink with friends at O'Malleys
*snuggle on the couch
*finish the Mad Men DVD
*work on christmas gifts
*study for finals

What does your weekend look like? I am trying to figure out where I will fit sleep into ours? Oh well...that is what weekends are for....FUN!!!



Becky said...

Awwww! Have so much fun! Mine will be spent crafting and family stuff - of course!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely weekend you have planned :)
Happy 5 months! Our weekend will be filled with choosing and chopping down a tree at the Christmas tree farm, wrapping and decorating!
hugs! xx

Anonymous said...

happy 5 months! i get to celebrate 6 years next month! :]

i get to turn my hair pink, do 2 photo shoots and drink some sweet tea vodka.


Violet Bella said...

wow, what an amazing weekend!!! love it!

Carrie said...

sounds like a perfect weekend