Thursday, December 10, 2009


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*That I was curled up in this room for the afternoon reading!
*That my chili I had for lunch wasn't so spicy...I feel a tummy ache coming on!
*That the holiday season could slow down just a little!
*That my laundry would magically put itself away.
*That the lunch hour would slow down a bit. Why does it always fly by but the work hours drag?
*That I had more things crossed off my holiday gift list!
*That I had this

or this

in our backyard!
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*That the pounds would melt off on their own.
*That they would stop talking about Tiger Woods everytime I turn on the radio or tv.
*That I lived closer to Leslie so that we could catch up on our lives and craft together.
*That is was Saturday so Two Poots could go:

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*To see
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What are you wishing for today?


Tailored Trash Queen said...

Me too! Let me know what colors you want for your pin and it's your's!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet images Amber...I especially like the cozy reading nook...all those yummy books! And the little looks so magical...
I hear ya on wishing the pounds would melt on their own! xoxo

Carrie said...

I love the little house i want one too! Great pictures:)

I wish the pounds would melt away too!


Becky said...

I'm wishing to get holiday stuff done :)
there's zero time lol but I'm sure everything will get finished - magically!

Cat said...

I could seriously set up camp in that first room you posted!

I'm wishing there was an extra hour (or 5) in every day! :)


SJ said...

I wish they would leave Tiger alone. Ugh!

I wish I lived in that first room!