Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010...and Two Poots Christmas Part 2

Happy New Years!! We had a great evening with friends last night in the comfort of our own home! So far 2010 is starting out great!! Today I got to sleep in, shared a hamburger and shake with a dear friend, and did some shopping. Tonight we are heading out to see Leslie and the Lys. I will post pictures of our New Years Eve this weekend. In the meantime, here are some more pictures of our Christmas.

*My mother in laws trees were so pretty decorated in a tropical theme!*

*Poot very shocked that he got a WII*

*Modeling my new is so sophisticated*

*Marks lovely bust of JFK*

*This is what happens if you stare into JFK's eyes for too long.*

We made some Snow Ice Cream...Yum!!

When I was little I use to make snow ice cream. I loved using the recipe from the Laura Ingills Wilder Cookbook! This year we just kind of winged it because I didn't have the cookbook. We ended up using Kaluha because we didn't have any turned out very yummy!!

Here are some more Christmas gifts I made for friends and family this year!!

Pretty embroderies from the RVA Online class.

This cute owl was for our nephew Adin. He loved it!!*

*These lunch totes were for my friends Cyndi and Sarah*

*I also got my happy mail from Katja! I loved it!!! I have been wearing my hairbow nonstop!

Well...I am off to enjoy a delicious New Year's Day dinner: black eyed peas, sausage and kraut, and mashed potatoes. Mmmmm... I hope everyone is enjoying their long New Years weekend.



Jamie said...

Love Mr. Poot's pj's! So cute, lol!
Yay for happy mail!!! hehehe
Happy New Year, Amber!!!! May all your dreams come true this year!!! xo

Saving Capulet said...

lovely photos and i love the owl! ._.

Kristin said...

Your stache is quite fabulous and the gifts you made adorable!!