Monday, January 11, 2010

Thankful Monday

Wow...Monday is almost over so I thought I would hop on and do a quick little post! There are so many things that I am thankful for today!!

*New windshield wipers... I will be able to see tomorrow
*Tasty Thai...Yum!!
*An Aunt that sells tupperware because I ruined my favorite bowl tonight while making gluten free granola

I forgot that a burner was still hot on our new flat top stove and melted the bowl and left a nice plastic residue all over my burner!! Any suggestions on how to get it off?
*A clean craft room
*Sunshine and warmer weather
*Coming home after a bad day at work to find this on your doorstep:

Almost a year ago when Jamie and Janel did their first "Running with Inspiration" challenge I commented on this painting. I loved it because it reminded me of Poot and I's wedding! Jamie remembered that I had commented on it and sent it to me. It brought tears to my eyes! It was just what I needed. THANK YOU JAMIE!! You rock!
*I am also thankful that Jamie and Janel are doing the Running with Inspiration again this year. Today's word was "possibilities". I decided I am going to try and create along with them and see what I can come up with. I was looking forward to it all day long today and came home and made this:

(Sorry the picture is so bad. It is late and the lighting is the picture is still wet from me getting rid of the Mark B Gone pen)
I am going to hang it on my inspiration wall! I need to read it daily and start believing in myself and my dreams more!!
*Plumbing that works and that didn't cost fortune to fix!! It was a major clog!
*Craft Night and Crochet lessons with my mom and Aunt this Wednesday...can't wait!

What are you thankful for today?


Jamie said...

I love it!!!! It's so great, Amber!!!!
And I'm so glad the happy mail made your day a bit brighter! =)
Hope tomorrow is a wonderful day!!!!
(tomorrow's words are: home is where the heart is)
Have a good nite!
xoxo -j

Miss Wanderlust said...

Amber!! I love this so much :)
Thank you so much for joining us on this challenge!! It is sooo much fun to see what everyone comes up with :)

Catherine Holman said...

I'm so glad that it was just a clog! How's the car running? I read that once it cools you should pour a little rubbing alcohol on it and scrape it gently with knife edge. The plastic should crystalize. I would try your little pampered chef scraper though so you don't scratch your stove top.

Lindsay said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and following :) I'm following your blog too! your such a sweetheart! I hope we become great friends!! I have no idea how to get the residue off of your burner, hope you can get it off!

Kjirsten said...

I am sorry that you had a bad day but glad that it got better. Jealous...craft night and crochet lessons!!! Fun!! Tell your mom I said "HI!!"

One eye wonder dog said...

I am thankful for the sweetest and most loving daughter in the whole world. Don't be so hard on're perfect just the way you are. I am thankful for a great son in law that is so loving and thoughtful to my little girl. I am also thankful for the time spent with you guys on Sunday.
Oh, also thanks again to you and Scott for the Harley picture, the BB playing cards, taking Mom and & I to dinner, teaching us how to make fools out of ourselves playing WII and for my favorite cake. It was all goooooooood!
Love ya, Dad

Emilie Lynne said...

I love that little piece you embroidered! You are really good at it... I want to learn how to do it someday soon, but I'm afraid I'll stink at it!