Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tomorrow will be better...

As the day went on my creative energy seemed to dwindle. Over lunch I made a list a mile long of things I wanted to accomplish tonight when I got home. I am just not feeling it. I started working on my Style File for Style School and had to stop because I was being too picky over every little thing. Tomorrow will be better!

I stopped to get this on my way home:

and it didn't help either. Tomorrow will be better!

I decided I would do my little "running with inspiration" project along with Janel and Jamie again. I was suprised at how quickly I finished it,but I wish I had more creative energy to put towards it. The theme was: "Home is where your heart is"

I think I am going to call it quits for tonight and curl up on the couch and watch American Idol. Tomorrow I won't be so hard on myself!



Jamie said...

So pretty!!!! I love it! Is that on canvas or scrapbook paper?
Thanks so much for playing along, Amber!!!!
I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you! xoxo

Carrie said...

Tomorrow will be better! I love your stuff for Jamie and Janel's inspiration week!



krista said...

ugh, i hate those days. there's always tomorrow.

Diana said...

I can't wait to see your style school posts!

If you get any motivation, please send some my way! I do hope tomorrow is better, too!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is always better...we all have those 'yuck' days. I am excited to see your forthcoming style school projects xoxo

Lindsay said...

Can't wait to see some of your Style File! You did an awesome job on Jamie and Janel's inspiration week theme :)

Miss Wanderlust said...

This is perfect and soooo sweet.
I love the sentiment behind it and totally wish I would have thought of it :) LOL
Today's words are: Inspired Mess :)
Can't wait to see what you create!!

Jenni said...

Oh I hope today is better dear! This beautiful weather should at least help with the mood!!!!

Amber said...

Thanks everyone for your encouraging words. I love reading all your comments and they always put a smile on my face:)

Jamie... I actually painted that on a piece of cardboard. Fancy I know!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

the inspiration project is soo adorable. love it a ton!
hope today is a better day for you. :) sending you happy and inspiring thoughts!!

chelseybell. said...

i hope you are feeling better about everything today :).