Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Exercising Blues

I made a promise to myself that starting in January of this new year I would get back into exercising. It is now February 18 and I still have not managed to hit the gym once! I have attended a couple of yoga classes so I have to give myself credit for that! I just don't know what my problem is. I have good intentions of doing it but once I get home I don't want to get back out! I don't want to have dinner at 9pm. I realize these are silly excuses but this is how I keep talking myself out of it.

I found a couple of great blogs that I know will get me moving in the right direction. They give great tips, daily menus, inspiration, and even playlists to get you moving.

If you are finding yourself in the same funk I am in check out
Have Your Cake or
Trainer Momma

These blogs have really started to lead me back in the right direction. Poot and I have done really good about eating better but this exercise thing has been another story.

What helps motivate you? Are there any other blogs are websites that you read for inspiration? I would love to hear what works for you! I have a closet full of clothes that are just begging to be worn again!


Carrie said...

I am right there with you chick I just can't get motivated I am going to check out these blogs right now!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're doing great though, as eating right is very important!
For me it's treating myself to workout inspired rewards...whether it's a new workout outfit, a workout magazine ( I like Shape, Womens Health, Runners World or Self)
Setting goals is a great way to get motivated as well.
For me if I don't workout daily I fall off the wagon ( I take Fridays and Saturdays off)
As well working out at home is much easier than heading to the gym. Workout out first thing in the morning, get up early if you need to...your energy levels all day will soar. Also varying your workout to keep it exciting.
The most important thing I've learned is
Don't give up...if you fall off the wagon just dust yourself off and get back on :)
Let's be each others cheerleaders! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm in the SAME boat. I even have a gym membership... that I PAY for... and I still don't go. It's the same reasoning - I will get home so late... blah blah blah. So frustrating.
Yes - can we start an exercise team?
I need to get with the program!

Jenni said...

A looming wedding date is inspiration for me! haha, Sparkpeople is wonderful too because you enter in what you do and how long you do it. It becomes rewarding to write in times and actitivies, but a total guilt trip when there is nothing to write!

chelseybell. said...

oh dear, i'm sorry to say that i am in the EXACT same boat as you. i really WANT to work out, but i have so little time that working it in feels like i'm rushing my day...which just stresses me out.

but, one thing that pushes me to keep trying is the fact that I know if i don't start now, it will just get more difficult and more expensive (health costs and stuff) if I don't.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

amen and amen. i've been to the gym once!!! and my goal for this year was to go at least 3 times a week..... :(
thanks for the inspiration!!!
good luck on your goal! (and wish me some too, i need it!! a lot of it!)

Violet Bella said...

im so glad you loved the matching little earrings! they are some of my favorites! oh, i would love a visit if you came to texas! yes!


Anonymous said...

check out
great blog. It helps me want to go to the gym.