Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crocheting = Love

Last Wednesday's craft night was a blast. I feel like I got so much accomplished because I actually started and finished one project! Here it is:

My grandma was giving me trouble over putting ears on it but I think it is perfect. She kept suggesting that I take it to work and give it to a child!

My mom suprised me with some Valentine goodies:

She crocheted that envelope which I just adore! The print is her lastest painting which I can't wait to hang up and I was so excited to get my own checkered pot holder!

My Aunt made me more cuteness to turn into earrings!! I think I might of jumped up and down when she handed me the tiny granny squares!!

This week I am working on making more earrings to send out to some of my favorite peeps! I am also going to start a pair of fingerless gloves and bought some pretty yarn this weekend while in St. Louis.

I think I can officially say that I am a crocheting addict! Anyone else with me on this? I can't wait to go through my yarn this weekend and start on my granny squares!! What are you working on this week?


Lindsay said...

oh I love your bear hat!! So cute!! Your moms print is so cute and I DO love the envelope she crocheted!! I just posted some cute crochetted pandas on my blog you should check out!

Catherine Holman said...

I love that hat! Looks like you got some great new yarn. Yeah for crocheting addicts!

Anonymous said...

What fun Valentine's Day presents!
And that hat is adorable :)

This week I'm making griz-anny squares!
And maybe another hat.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE your owl ornament, it's part of my owl collection I started!!!! You did such a cute job!! Love it!

Kellie said...

Yes, I am right there with you on the crochet addictive-ness! I keep pulling more patterns off of the web - as if I'll have the time - but I can't stop! :-)