Monday, February 15, 2010

We're back!!

This weekend was a blast! Scott and Keith ended up taking us to St. Louis for our Valentine Day getaway!! We stayed in this amazing two bedroom apartment that was very close to The Loop!

Friday we shopped on The Loop and experienced FroYo for the first time! (Thanks Jamie for the recommendation) We actually had it twice on the trip!

We had lunch at Blueberry Hill and were so entertained by all the "toys" they had on display! These were my favorites:

I was being laughed at on the trip because I am currently reading this:

I loved 90210 in high school and never missed an episode! I loved Donna and honestly you can find me watching Tori and Dean on the weekends. Shhh...

That night we had dinner downtown and then hit up the City Museum! This place really made me feel my age by the end of the night! After crawling through several tunnels,climbing 10 flights of spiraling stairs,and then taking a slide back down I was sore. We were there for almost 4 hours so I guess that might say something too!

We of course had to hit up my favorite photobooth while there. These are the strips we took!!

I will post the rest of our weekend tomorrow. I don't won't this post to get too long!!

I did send out the email for the granny swap. If you signed up and did NOT receive an email please let me know asap! The official number of people to sign up was 22! I couldn't believe it! It is going to be a lot of fun. I also started a flickr group for the swap. It is called The Great Granny Square Swap...on flickr. Even if you aren't in the swap and have some granny square projects you have worked on, please join the group!! I would love to see what everyone is working on.

I hope everyone had an amazing and love filled weekend. What did you get for Valentine's Day?


chelseybell. said...

oh man. the city museum is my FAVORITE place to go. there was a wedding go on while me and my friends were there once...and i took a lighted candle of the entrance banister and walked out with it still lit--in my defense it was to get a very sad friend to laugh.

le sigh, and i love the loop. though a shooting happened where i was ten minutes after i had left once. slightly scary.

Jamie said...

How fun!!! Looks like you had a great weekend!!! You two always take such cute pictures!!!

One eye wonder dog said...

Love the photo booth pics.....

Lindsay said...

oh what a fun weekend!!! My hubby wrote me a poem and bought me a mini-panda!!! I posted about it on my Sunday Funday post! :) Hope you have a great week!

Carrie said...

good times I love all the pics!


Saving Capulet said...

such cute photos, I'm glad u had super fun!!

Violet Bella said...

hey girl! your package is on its way! and its a good thing you chose the owl necklace, it was a one of a kind, i plan on keeping the converse necklace in the shop as long as I can find the little pendants, i love them! theres a little goodie in there for you! oh, and ill totally count it in your points!

thanks love,

Miss Wanderlust said...

looove it! I wish we would have ran into each other somehow!! Next time you come to stl you should let me know and we can meet up :)
City Museum is my favorite!!!
love love

Jane Cullen said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love the photobooth pics.

Becky said...

:) I love the you as a monkey picture!!! Too cute! You two always have the best weekends!! Very sweet!

I'm so excited about the swap! 2 squares down! :)

Becky said...

oh and ps I love that Tori show that was on for awhile! What was the name of it? Crap lol I forget, but it was soooooo funny!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Hey, I also read the Tori Spelling book and got crap for it. I HAD to read it! Also a big fan of 90210 and stuff :-)