Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St Louis Round Two

On Saturday we decided to head away from all the maddness of Mardi Gras and enjoy the wineries of Augusta! They are more our cup of tea! This is one of Poot and I's favorite things to do on the weekend. There are so many Missouri Wineries! A new book was just released and there are now 91 wineries in mighty Missouri and the list keeps growing. I believe that Poot and I have visited close to 70!! Crazy huh? The wineries in Augusta do not disappoint.

After visiting our last winery of the day we came out to discover this:

Yes a flat tire. This is the eleventh tire that we have had to purchase within the last 6 months. We got the tire replaced on Sunday and kept saying "Happy Valentire Day" all day! It was just what I wanted!! While waiting for the tire to be fixed Poot picked me up some of these:

I also had the most amazing gluten free pizza at Pi Pizzeria on The Loop!! They use only local organic ingredients! It was delicious!

Before we headed home we decided to stop by and say Hi! to the penuins at the zoo. I couldn't believe that we actually went to the zoo during a snowstorm but 1. the zoo is free 2. the penguins are inside and very very cute!

My favorite find of the weekend was this pair of socks!

Hello...My favorite color to wear and moustaches!! Score!

I decided to start the next afghan I am making for the family reunion auction. It is a giant granny square. It is so quick and fun! I am definitely going to have to make one for us!

Overall the Valentire Day weekend was a blast! Thank you Poot! You did an amazing job and I felt like a princess all weekend. I love you!!

I will be back tomorrow with a glimpse at last weeks crochet/craft night!! Lots of cool things were made!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh the pictures make me want to go back... if for nothing more than Pi and Fro Yo!!!
Those boys. Sigh. We are so lucky.


Jamie said...

Yay!!! The penguin exhibit at the zoo is my favorite!!!! So funny that you were there in the snow! hehe
Love the socks!!! Those are freakin' awesome!!!
That pizza looks amazing.
Your weekend makes me happy. :)

Jenni said...

oh how fun!!! THose socks are adorable! I need to start hitting up the wineries. I went to Montserat all the time while in college. :)

Anonymous said...

aww that sounds like such a good weekend (minus the flat tire). I'm impressed that you guys have been to so many wineries! Jealous