Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty please...with gumdrops!!

Ever since I got my first pair of Toms for Christmas I have fallen head over heels (he he) in love with them. I was doing a little window shopping when I came across these beauties:

Wedges!! I so need this for summer!!

I am also in love with this trench coat by Jean Paul Gautier for Target!! Target is really trying to take all my money this season!

I would love to rock one of Laura's (Violet Bella) custom tshirts this summer too:

I am hoping to send her an old tshirt to transform into something beautiful! She also does amazing work with turning vintage pillowcases into tops!! You can do some shopping here.

The weather is beautiful here today and I am stuck inside with no windows!! Dreaming about owning these things is making up for the lack of sunshine I am receiving right now! What are you hoping to wear this Spring/Summer?

Tonight I will be:
*working on my new laptop (it just arrived at Poot Manor this afternoon)
*making a yummy dinner for my Poot
*putting away laundry that has been staring at me since this weekend
*working on more granny squares
*and cleaning my house for a special guest that is visiting this weekend. I can't wait...but I have a LOT of cleaning to do.


mel said...

hey! stopping by from the happy mail intro post :)
LOVE those new toms wedges! the navy - so awesome.
hope you have a great day!

Kjirsten said...

Love Love LOVE the tom wedges!!! They look comfy! Awww...a special guest!!! ;) Did you get an apple computer!!?!?! If so I want to check it out!!! My sister has one and says that I need to get one.

Becky Farley said...

oh target you want me to be broke! I love target - 85% of my clothes come from there :) I like those sneakers in the second picture.
wootwoot for a new computer (even if it's not a mac) lolol I love new techie things - it's always so fun! If you find your family's slides you can borrow my slide scanner! Seriously! I was going to sell it, but then I thought maybe I'll find more - and I did! So who know where else slides maybe in my parents' house.

Who is that last picture of? I like the shirt alot! Is that your guest? I need to click the link lol

dainjb said...

hi happy mail partner! i hadn't seen those new toms yet! i am so obsessed with my gray pair, they are almost worn out, i definitely need to stock up.

ANYWAY. i nominated you for a cutesy little blog award over at my blog, www.daintydainjb.blogspot.com


Alexandra Mason said...

I love those wedges! Hope you have a great weekend xx