Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Corners of our Home...

I decided to start taking pictures of small details around Two Poots Manor that I love. Each week I will try to showcase these here on my blog...

This little display is on the shelf in our entertainment cabinet. The bigger picture is from our wedding day and the smaller picture is one of the very first pictures of us taken as a couple! The floral arrangement was my wedding bouqet that Lisa and I made!!

This flower loop picture was purchased when I attended the World's Longest Yard Sale several years ago. I almost left it behind but decided for $8 you couldn't go wrong. I am so glad I didn't leave it in Kentucky. I am hoping to add a few smaller ones to my wall someday!

Some of my most recent crafting books that I have been browsing through. The little girl planter I turned into a book end. She was a great thrift store find!

Aggie Mae in her most recent thrifted clothes. I went through my old barbie clothes and actually found a few things that fit her. Oh...and she has a new hairdo!! Poot got her a wig for my birthday! I love it!

This squirrel plantar was found at a garage sale. It looks great with my latest Littlest Pet Shop squirrel!!

I am a sucker for deer figurines! So I had to buy this deer lamp base which finally found it's home on my bedroom vanity. The vintage clock was found at my favorite thrift store in KC.

Tonight after work I decided I needed to make a quick stop into the DAV thrift store. It been over a month since I had gone. I found a couple things for our kitchen:

The little Italian wine bottle in front is a salt shaker! And the glass cannister I believe my grandma had in her kitchen at one time.

So now it is your turn! What are some things that you love around your home? If you decide to join in and post pictures...please leave a link here in the comments. I would love to see!!


Carrie said...

oh I love it all that deer lamp is too cute! I post pictures of my living room today :)


Kjirsten said...

I love having a peek into your world!!! Love your book selection...I will have to browse some day...ummm...maybe the 16th!!!!!!!!! Yay!! :D I am super excited! :D Also love the deer lamp. Too cute for words!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh such cute stuff! I particularly like the flower crewel and the canister. And the lamp. I like it all! Can't wait to see more :)
Hmmmm... maybe I'll post some pics from mi casa as well!

Becky Farley said...

I've told you before- we have all the same craft books lol I love it! We'd be such best buds in real life lol not just blog life! And that framed embroidery is so pretty! I have one with animals in a tree, it's kinda little kid-ish - maybe I'll put it in a baby room one day! ;)
I love the little squirrels alot!
So maybe I'll do this, but I'll have to clean first lol