Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Game Night...

Saturday night we celebrated our friend Marks birthday by hosting game night. We made nachos, had bomb pops, and played yahtzee all evening!
Of course I had my peeps by myside and my favorite wine! Yum!!

We suprised Mark by all chipping in and getting his a blue ray! He was so shocked. It was cute!

Scott wrapped his gift up with some odds and ends so he wouldn't know what it was. That included a teddy bear, which made Mark think that he was getting a teddy bear and a bench for it to sit on. Ha!!

Kerry made Mark some funny magnets:

Kerry and I modeled our matching Flaming Lips tshirts and faux moles I got out of a candy machine!

Does anyone else love yahtzee like we do? I use to play it with my parents all the time! So fun!

Who knew that peeps where the secret key to getting a yahtzee!!

This is how I look before I devour a peep:

My faux mole and I scare it!!

Once the yahtzee champion was crowned we all had Superhero bomb pops. Poot "hulked" out when he tried his:

Game nights are some of Poot and I's favorite nights! We are so blessed to have the group of friends that we do. Are there any games that you love to play?? I would love to hear!

Last night I was able to capture some of the deer that are alwasy lingering in our backyard. This time it was a family of about 5!

And I finally got my craft swap goodies made and mailed out. I am going to use mine to hold my sunglasses!

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!! I am off to work on some small projects for Two Poot Manor! I am really excited to finally have some time to work on them, now that my swaps are done!


Carrie said...

I love game nights we play alot of Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples but our favorite of all is spades! Cute pictures you are too cute!


Jenni said...

Oh how fun!!! I love game nights!

Jamie said...

Haha! I love it!!! What a fun nite! We loooove game nites too! Our favorites are (also) Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples, like Carrie. But also Nertz (card game) and Last Word! I wish we all lived closer so we could have massively fun game nites!!! xoxo -j

P.S. Love the mole, lol

Windsor Grace said...

I love that the peeps are included in the festivities.

Catherine Holman said...

Wow! Mark scored big time!

Lindsay said...

cute swap stuff!!! and game night?? looks like a blast!! thanks for your sweet comment on my post yesterday :) It made me feel a lot better. <3

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! Your photos always make me smile :) I need smiles this week...it's been a hard week.
Love your faux mole, reminds me of drawing faux freckles on myself when I was younger. xoxox

Becky Farley said...

A faux mole?! I think my family needs these! :)
Game night looks so fun! That is pretty awesome that you all chipped in and got your bud a blue ray! All you pictures crack me up!
Your glasses holders are wonderful!!! I recently purchased a pair of sunglasses not from the gas station lol and I can't wait to have a cute holder for them ;)

you fixed the text and photos huh? it looks good ;)

Kjirsten said...

Yay for game night! Alex and I love game night. Fun times! :D How neat to have deer in your yard and that you were able to capture it!!! You and Scott are so blessed to be able to have a little of both worlds...country in the city!!!

Pam said...

During the Easter holiday this year, we put two packages of peeps in the microwave. Yeah we were bored. Good times.