Sunday, April 11, 2010

My granny squares!!

I was able to finish all my granny squares for my swap at Wednesday Craft Night! All week long it has been like Christmas at Two Poots Manor. Everyday there is a box of beautiful granny squares waiting for me when I get home!! I am only waiting for two more peoples squares and they will be shipped out.

Chipotle gave me the energy to finish! Ha!!

I also started working on a mini granny square suprise!!

My mom worked on these adorable slippers!

All she had left to do was add a button closure!

Well...I am pooped from a day of working in our yard. I will be back tomorrow with pictures from our weekend. We got our new couch today and I love it!! I am off to sit by an outdoor fire with a glass of wine. It's a great way to end a wonderful weekend. Hope everyone else was able to enjoy theirs!


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

your granny squares look awesome! and those slippers are soooo cute!

also, wanted to let you know that i nominated you for a blog award. you can check it out here:


Carrie said...

I just love your slippers and granny squares! Wine and firepit perfect night


Becky Farley said...

:) I'm sooooo excited about the swap!!! I can't wait!! Your squares are wonderful!!! And the little ones, how sweet of you!
Those slippers are cool!

Oh Chipotle, you are so tasty :) I can't eat a 5lbs burrito every day - though I wish I could!

Tailored Trash Queen said...

I love the granny squares! How many people wound up signing up? It seems hugely successful!!! Man I want to learn to crochet so bad.

Kellie said...

Oh so cute. I CAN'T wait for this package of yumminess to arrive. I hope mine made it safe and sound.