Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Weekend Adventures...

Friday evening I decided to do a little grocery shopping experiment and it worked!! I planned our meals around the ads, shopped three different stores, and saved almost $30!!! I think I am sold! After shopping and eating BBQ, we came home and watched

This is a dvd with over an 1.5 hours of extra footage from the original documentary. It did not disappoint!

Saturday I did a lot of spring cleaning. It felt so good to open up all the windows at Two Poots Manor and enjoy the warm breezes! Scott performed his Shakespeare show at Vantill Farms. His performance also included a amazing meal prepared by their Chef Josh using local, organic ingredients. I can't wait to go back to have some of their delicious pizza. They are so nice and always have a gluten free meal for me. Even dessert!

Sunday we got our new couch! I am still shocked everytime I walk into our living room. It is so loooong!! But we love it! We decided to put our old couch on craigslist for free. The couch is in pretty bad shape but it was well loved. You can read Scotts ad here. He is so silly!
We thought we should take one last picture of her:

And here is our new "old" couch....

After moving the couch we spent several hours outside doing yard work. While Scott mowed our three acres, Kerry and I picked up all the fallen limbs and leaves from the recent storms. At one point I looked down in our backyard to just check on Poot and I noticed that he had stopped and was out looking at something it seemed. I thought maybe he had ran out of gas or ran over something, but open further inspection we noticed he was stuck in a huge mud pit!!! It took about 15 minutes but we eventually pushed/pulled it out! Scott was in mud up to his ankles. It wore us out! Every muscle hurt when I woke up this morning! At one point I actually wished I had my camera but thought Scott might be a little irritated if I made him hang out in the mud holding a huge riding lawn mower while I documented it!

Here are some pictures around our yard...It is now cleaned up and waiting pretty flowers to start blooming!

What are you looking forward to planting this Spring?

Oh... this Wednesday will be Hoot-N-Annie's one year anniversary! There will be a huge giveaway so stay tuned!!


Carrie said...

I have been looking everywhere for some chairs like that oh I am a little jealous and its red! Looks like you had a great weekend!



Becky Farley said...

:) first I'm stoked about your couch!! Very cool! We have brown/gray couches and I don't love them lol They look like elephants in the living room! Anyway, I glad to see you using your lil iPhone app! :) I love that first iphone photo with the backyard and the chair - what a great chair!

I'm excited about Wednesday! :) Wootwoot!

Anonymous said...

The couch ad is hilarious! LOVE IT! LOL...
Your new couch is sweet, I love the fabric and looks so comfy!
Your backyard photos are so springy...have a great Tuesday and can't wait to see what you have planned for wednesday :) xoxo

Jenni said...

We planted things and cleaner up our yard this weekend too!!! It looks so lovely now! :)

Kjirsten said...

First off Scott you crack me up!!! Oh my goodness the ad was great! I like the new couch. Pretty colors and it is nice to have the extra seating. Three acres of land! WOW. You do have the best of both worlds don't you?! Love the pics of your yard! Have a great Monday evening and I can't wait for the giveaway! Awesome!
Oh and look...96 followers!! We love you!

Catherine Holman said...

Love that chair! Is that fern still alive?

Tailored Trash Queen said...

Gorgeous! Poor guy -- Stacy got our riding mower stuck last year and it was a mess. The new couch looks great. Hope you guys have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I posted some pretty pics of the yard& flowers on my fb- steal away if you so desire!

<3 Kerry

Anonymous said...

I also love the chair pic!
What iPhone app are you using? I just have shake-it but I'm getting bored with it.

I love that you love Grey Gardens. I'm also obsessed. I can't wait until Halloween. Hint hint.

Carol Anne said...

I just read the craigslist ad. I think it is pretty much the best ad on craigslist I have ever seen! haha!