Friday, May 28, 2010

Fresher Than Fresh

Last weekend after all our hard work in the yard, we rewarded our self by having snowcones. We found the Fresher Than Fresh trailer and they were amazing!!

I tried the blackberry lavendar and Poot had a sample of four. Every single flavor was delicious. If you are ever in the Kansas City area be sure to check out their website to see where their trailer will be! It is definitely Fresher than Fresh!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


Evelyn said...

Happy Memorial Day! I found your blog via Itsy Bitsy Spider (I'm doing the crochet-along, too!)

Love your blog...and am so jealous of the snowcones! I had an all-natural fro yo yesterday that just about knocked my socks off, though, so I'll get through it ;)

Have a great day -- can't wait to follow!

Becky Farley said...

Oh man I LOVE it! Fresher than fresh :) That's awesome! I love the instant photo thingies! That trailer is very cool! I hope you had a very wonderful weekend :)

janel. said...

you would think that St. Louis would have cute places like this but...nope :( SO cute and sooooo fun!!
love you!

~kjirsten~ said...

Sounds yummy!!! How fun!!! Wouldn't that be fun pulling that behind my explorer to go camping!!! Cute!! :D