Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sounds of Summer

Hello! I just wanted to stop in really quick and say hello! And hello to all my new readers! With the change of the seasons I always find that I change the music I listen to. The warmer weather finds me listening to:

Jack Johnson I listen to him on Pandora all day at work. And usually on my drives home!

Band of Horses They are becoming one of my favorite bands! I have listened to them on repeat all week!

Bob Marley Nothing reminds me of summer more than the music of Bob Marley.

Brett Dennen I saw him live when he opened for John Mayer a few years back and was blown away! A very talented young man!!

So these are the tunes that are playing around Two Poots Manor. What are you listening to these day? Do you find you gravitate towards different artists during the changing weather?

I will be back tonight to post about our spontanous Girls Night Out last night. We ended up 5th row at the Lifehouse/Chris Daughtry show. It was amazing.
Happy Wednesday!!


Jamie said...

Can't wait to hear about your concert evening! I've seen them both in concert and they're so awesome!!!! Great summer music!!!
Hope you're having a fabulous day!!! xoxo

chelseybell. said...

ooh, i love band of horses. and lifehouse is one of my "mainstream music" faves--and coincidentally a summer playlist staple.

MissAlyssa said...

yes and yes!! i was listening to band of horses last night while cooking dinner! and bob marley what a classic!

Becky Farley said...

You are kinda a hippie :)
My dad LOVEs Jack Johnson lol it makes me happy and sleepy!
at my work, one of the designers and I share an area and he listens to Gaga all day lol now joking! I've tried to make him listen to Lily Allen or she and him, but he's kinda a brat so Gaga it is!

~kjirsten~ said...

I sooooo remember Brett!!! I saw that pic and thought...I know him. Has he lost some weight? Is he main stream now?

~kjirsten~ said...

Oh and that was a great concert!!! It was great getting to spend that time with you and my mom!! My mom at a concert...cute! :D

Vera said...

i just love Jack Johnson's music, sooo relaxed xD