Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How does your garden grow?

I can't believe how quickly things are growing around here at Poot Manor! I decided to take a few pictures so that you could see for yourself.

Our aloe plant is so happy to finally be back outside and is looking much healthier these days.

Our raspberries are really going strong this year. We actually ate one tonight and they were so delicious! We are going to have so many that I am already dreaming up all the things I can make with them!

Our radishes were the first things to pop up in our square foot garden.

Our lima beans and sugar snap peas are starting to really flourish as well!

I love coming home from work and looking at all our beautiful flowers.

And Boomer is really enjoying the garden too. He really loves his new water bowl that his grandma gave him. Thank you mom for the birdbath. It looks adorable in our garden. Too bad there will never be any water in it for the birds thanks to Boomer!

Have you planted a garden this year? If so how is it doing? I can not wait to start eating all our yummy berries and vegetables!


chelseybell. said...

your aloe plant looks kinda terrifying! good thing it's only aloe...right?

your other plants look so pretty! i wish i had garden space--i would attempt berries because they're so darn expensive!

Catherine Holman said...

Wow! Your raspberries are doing great. I'm so glad that Boomer likes his new water bowl.

Lindsay said...

awwww pretty garen and flowers! I won't be planting my garden this year, maybe next though!

~kjirsten~ said...

All I can say is YUM!!! Our garden is growing as well! I get so excited when I go check on it. Farmer Trenton gets all excited as well! :DDD It is his garden you know...:D
I love the pics of your flowers...must be one of you iphone apps :) Have a great one!!

Becky Farley said...

Boomer cracks me up! :)
What a nut! I wonder if he knows he's being rotten.
You better bring the spf to FL or you'll be needing lots on that aloe plant!
I'm so impressed by your garden! :)

janel. said...

Don't forget to head over to my blog and snatch up the Blog Button for accepting the journal challenge!!

Anonymous said...

Becky, that aloe plant is actually from Florida. I pulled it, nearly dead, from someone's yard in Gulfport near St. Petersburg, and brought it home to revitalize it. Seven years old now and going strong!
~Big Poot