Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer is for concerts!!!

One of my favorite things to in the summer is attend outdoor concerts! Here are a few of the upcoming show that we have tickets to or hope to get tickets to!!

Next Friday will be girls night out with Sugarland!

I would love to get ticketst to see:

**Dear Poot... They will be in Columbia, MO on July 14 and thought you might want to know that. I love you, Little Poot**

Poot actually wants to attend:

Their lineup is great this year: Heart, Emmylou Harris, Ingrid Michealson, Kelly Clarkson, and of course Sarah McLachlan!

In August we will be traveling with my parents to Iowa to see these two talents artists:

David Gray and Ray Lamontagne! I can not wait!!

Are you attending any concerts this summer? Or are there any artists you are dying to see??
I hope everyone has a great weekend. Tonight is old movie night with Poot and my movie pick is:

It has my ultimate dream car in that movie!!

Two Poots would look pretty sweet riding around in this don't you think??


chelseybell. said...

when i was 10, i would have killed to go to lilith fair. i wanted to go sooo bad!

and better off dead!?!? love it--80's john cusack owns my heart forever.

Becky Farley said...

:) Dear Big Poot,
Now that the blog world knows she wants to go you HAVE to take her! Don't let the blog world down!

I like your dream car! Our dream car is a 64 impala, but minus any up and down ghetto stuff :) I would like it before my wedding so we can drive away in it - I don't like limos lol - Am I asking too much?

Jamie said...

Jealous of the David Gray/Ray Lamontagne!!!! I loove concerts but haven't found any that we must attend yet! Hopefully something will come up!!! Concerts are one of my favorite things!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Pot Luck Designs said...

I just saw Sugarland in Toronto on June 4...they were so good...only on for an hour then with 2 encore songs...but she is sooooooooo cute!!!
Have fun!

janel. said...

The stickers are now available for the Journal Prompt challenge!! Check it out :)

Poppy said...

Summer outdoor concerts are the best!!! Have a great summer Amber seeing all your concerts and making many memories! :D