Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Thursday Ramblings...

This week has flown by which is great. I am really enjoying the daily journal prompts. Here are the last three prompts. Prompt 2 asked that we describe our favorite part of our day:

Prompt 3 was writing about someone we love.

I used one of my mom's cards on this page. It is one of my all time favorite paintings of hers.
Today's prompt was to show what our heart looks like:

Last night at craft night my Aunt Paula surprised me with an early anniversary gift. I was so excited when I saw it!!! She drew it up herself and made sure to put all our favorite things in the picture too. Thank you Paula so much. It is already in our entryway. I love you!

Isn't it amazing?
My parents visit my Great Grandma every week and my mom brought home her "Egg journals" from the 70's. She would write down every single person who bought eggs and how much. At the end of each month she would total up all her sales. I love that she still had these, but she doesn't see why we would want to keep them. She is too cute.

We pulled out two radishes from our garden that were ready and couldn't wait to eat them. Wow...they were HOT!!!

More ramblings:
*I finished the pillows for my mother in laws garden tour.
*I really hope that the weather cooperates for the garden tour!
*I am counting down the days to our vacation.
*I watched Dear John tonight even though I have already seen it and am currently reading the book.
*We ate an entire peach cobbler in 3 days!
*I am so thankful for the blogging community and hope to be able to meet some of you this September.
*I am currently obsessed with Brandi Carlile's latest album.
*I can't wait to hang with my girls tomorrow night and see Sugarland!

Tomorrow is Friday!! Yes!! One week until I am officially on VACATION!!!


Jamie said...

We'll be on vacation at the same time!!!!! =)
I looooove the anniversary gift your aunt made! That is soooo awesome!!!!
I can't wait to meet you either!!!! Come over now! ;)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!xoxo

Violet Bella said...

the embroidery from your aunt is so sweet! what a wonderful thing for your home! sounds like you have been a busy and happy bee. glad to hear it! i love all of your journal pages :)

Carrie said...

I love your pages! The embroidery is wonderful :) I hope you have a great vacation



chelseybell. said...

your pages are great!

your aunt's embroidery is the best--totally reminds me of you two.

love the egg journals. sounds like something i would keep...but i keep everything.

totally thinking about going to the blogger meet up in stl--just depends on school and money (homosexual, i know, but that's the way my cookie tends to crumble). i want to meet you in real life soooooo bad--and everyone else too!

chelseybell. said...

p.s. how was youth in revolt?! i want to read the book before i see the movie, but i want to know if the movie's worth seeing (you know, even if only for michael cera's cute awkwardness).

p.p.s. if ever you get a picture of scott rocking out, send it my way. i have the most awesome shirt idea ever.

Catherine Holman said...

I can't wait to be a grandma!! Thanks for the sweet journal page! Love you honey!!

Chrissy said...

Great posts Amber! Love your journal work.
The Egg Journals are quite a treasure.
What a sweet Aunt you have to make you such a special gift.
Can't believe we didn't talk about our mutual obsession with Brandi C - she's touring all over the place - nowhere near KC :(

Shelley Renee' said...

ok..where do you the prompts for your journal..just loving it thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I love your anniversary gift from you Aunt Paula!!! :D
How exciting that you got goodies from your garden! :DD The radishes look yummy!
Yay for Sugarland! Can't wait to hear how the concert went!
Oh and SUPER PUMPED for you to go on vacation!! Getting away from the day to day life can be soooo nice.

Shauna said...

One of my all-time favorite Beatles quotes!!!

Becky Farley said...

Aww Amber :)
Those journal pages are wonderful!!
I love your aunt Paula's surprise and I love that she put poots lol -so sweet!
Those egg journals are so neat!
is it Friday yet? ;)
Have a wonderful week!