Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Texas Family Reunion

For 45 consecutive years the McLendon family(Scott's step-dad's family) has hosted a family reunion! Every year over 100 people attend. Even if you aren't actually a part of the family by the end of the weekend you feel like one!This years reunion was held in Longview, Texas. For the annual auction I finally finished my giant granny square afghan!

Scott helped out his step-dad with the auction!

I wanted that Elvis blanket so bad!!

Cole and I showing off our auction goods...

I tried winning one of Cole's crochet bags but lost. I am hoping he will show me how to make one the next time he comes to visit!

Of course us girls did a little shopping...

and found some silly hats.

And I learned that my husband was expecting??

Nope...he was just trying to show up the ladies in the family that are! Congrats to Keith and Kerry for the little one on the way! We are so excited and can't wait to meet him!!

It was so great to see everyone and catch up. Thank you for making Two Poots feel right at home!



Tiffany said...

Your afghan looks awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope whoever bought your afghan appreciates it....it's gorgeous! xox

adventure grrl said...

I want that owl clock!!!!!!!! We;re having some tech difficulty over at 100 days in bed (I say as if there's a whole team of us LOL) but I hope you stop by again :)

~kjirsten~ said...

Great job on the afghan!!!! :) Um yeah so I love the crochet bag...awesome! I love how Scott has the whole preggo back thing too! lol cute! :D

Becky Farley said...

:) I love it! I wish I could have seen Big Poot in act auctioning off everything - I bet that was a treat for everyone ;) Your blanket is great - whoever got it better love it FOREVER!
I want a crocheted bag!! Does Cole sell them?

They have a family reunion banner and everything huh :) woohooo and t-shirts lol

Shelley Renee' said...

the afgan is gorgeous sister !!! and I know you didnt make them..but where can I order a crochet bag???

chelseybell. said...

yay yay yay for one of my favorite bloggers being back!!

i am totally, totally jealous that you and becky got to meet up!

love your afghan--the colors are so great!

triskelos said...

Afghan is beyond cool))) Really beautiful)