Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An end of the Summer Picnic

Scott starts school this Thursday, so we have been trying to get in a few more "summery" things before then. The weather the last couple of days in Kansas City has been amazing, almost Fall like! We decided to enjoy the weather with an end of the Summer Picnic.

It was the perfect way to spend a Monday night! We had egg salad sandwiches, my favorite ice tea, and the most delicious strawberries and raspberries! I read the latest issues of Crochet Today, Bust, and Artful Blogging! Great issues!! I surprised Scott with the last two books in The Witching Hour series.(Hence the red bow in his hair...ha)He is hooked on those books! Too cute!

I hope we are able to get in a couple more picnics before the end of Fall!


Carrie said...

sweet! I love your blanket :)

Carol Anne said...

me & seth went on a picnic today! I brought my issue of Crochet Today to read too but it started raining before I could. But I am loving this weather so much! I am enjoying it as much as possible in case it gets too hot again!

Anonymous said...

Ok, as I scrolled down and saw the pic w the berries on your fingers, it actually made me have a funny little burst of laughter- & it must have been a weird laugh too cause Stella was sleeping next to me and I scared her awake! Hehe. The weather has been awesome- so great to get out and about! Keith and I sure enjoyed running around today. And I'm so going to have to borrow those books after Scott finishes! (Speaking of Stella- she was named after a character in that first book! I'm a dork!)


Becky Farley said...

A Poot Picnic!!! Aww lolol
These may be my favorite photos yet!
What are those lids from? And what is Bust Magazine, because what I'm thinking it is is pervy lol
I ate a bowl of raspberries Sunday they were so good, but I shouldn't eat a whole bowl again lol
Poot is cute with his new hair bow ;)

~kjirsten~ said...

Oh my! It looks like such a lovely time! Great magazines! I hope you both get some more picnics in as well!