Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Shower

Kerry's baby shower was this past Sunday. I love the colors they are using in the nursery along with a nautical theme. The shower decorations turned out so cute!!

The cake was so delicious and gluten free!!

There was a candy station in the nursery colors for everyone to make a grab bag!

I made these for the little one...

It was a great little celebration for the baby on the way!! I love you Kerry and can't wait to meet him!

"Aunt" Amber


Carrie said...

what a cute shower I love the shirts you made :)

Becky Farley said...

awwww how wonderful!!! Lucky duck Kerry :)
I really love the blanket you made her and the baby boy! The pirate onesies are precious! All very awesome! That photo of you two is very cute!
Love "aunt" amber lololol

chelseybell. said...

oh i love this entire thing!!!

Anonymous said...

WHAT am I doing in that picture? Bwahaha! Thank you so much for all the goodies- I love evry single thing, esp the Wipe Me Booty!!! And I can't wait to fill up that cute baby book. Oh and that blanket is just the greatest thing ever. I looove it! Oh, and one more thing- your firefighting teamwork skills were also much appreciated! HAHA! Thanks so much from me, Keith, and Oliver or Everett??? We love you!


Amber said...

Kerry... I totally forgot to write about the fire that we started!! How could I have forgot that?? So funny and scary at the same time.

Catherine Holman said...

Fire! What fire? I love your cute little onsies.

~kjirsten~ said...

Yeah...what is up with th fire!? ;) Everything turned out soooo cute! I love all the goodes you made for this special boy! Congrats Keith and Kerry!


Anonymous said...

oh, those onesies are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Ahh- the fire... I was just passing a giant wad of tissue paper across the table for my sister to fold... did I mention that in the center of the table were candles? Mmm Hmm. LIT candles. And I'm pretty sure the tissue I had in hand was the most flammable tissue ever made! This resulted in me, Amber, my sister, & my friend Steph squeeling, jumping, stomping, & slapping out the flames of several floating fires that landed everywhere. It seemed like it wasn't going to quit! Scary at the time- but hilarious& very entertaining for everyone to watch! Too bad those of us who are avid picture takers happened to be fighting the inferno- so there is no evidence. :(


amylou said...

Adorable! I would definitely want my future kid to wear those little onezies! So cute!