Sunday, September 12, 2010

Patience is something I don't have

This weekend I did a little "window shopping" on Amazon. Here are a few things I can't wait to own:

I don't have to wait too much longer. It is out on 10-19-10! I am loving their first single so I am sure the album will not disappoint.

Now this album I could NOT wait to order. I pre-ordered it and got the cd, dvd, and LP! It will even be shipped to me before the release date of 10-12-10. The countdown to it arriving at my doorstep has already begun!

Emily from The Black Apple has published a paper doll book that will be out 11-2-10! This is definitely going on my Christmas wish list!!

Alicia Paulson is the reason I started reading blogs. I happened upon an article on her several years ago and read every single post she ever wrote. She is one of the most talented ladies I know...or wish I knew. Ha! If you have never read her blog, go there now! Not only is she crazy talented, but she is an amazing writer and photographer!

I wish I could be neighbors with Shauna and her husband. I happened upon her blog when I needed it the most. Being gluten intolerant can be a little discouraging at times. You can get in a rut with your diet and I was ready for a change. Shauna changed my view on my relationship with food after reading her first post. Even if you aren't gluten intolerant, you should stop by her blog. Her way of describing food will have you drooling instantly! Her first book was so helpful and full of recipes. I know that this one will be even better because her husband "The Chef" is involved! Yum!

And since we are the subject of patience...Friday while driving to work I was suddenly stopped while driving through down town Kansas City, to let more than 10 of these guys pass!!!

I was in awe. They were so adorable and walked right in front of my car in the middle of the city! (The Circus was in town)And I didn't even think to dig out my camera and take a picture. On my way home from work I was stopped again for the ring leading Elephant. It was definitely my lucky day! I guess if I am stopped in traffic for elephants, I don't lose my patience!
I hope you had a great weekend!!


Carol Anne said...

aww! I wouldn't mind being stopped in traffic to let elephants pass!! cute!

Laurie! said...

I love the Gluten-free girl! My husband has Celiac disease so I'm really glad I found her blog. Shauna's recipe for gluten-free blueberry muffins is to die for!!!!!!

Carrie Rosalind said...

Hey Amber...ahhh! So that's what's been going on - you must not have been getting my e-mails! I've sent you two to that same e-mail address so maybe they've gone to your spam? I swear I haven't forgotten - I've been excited to get the winnings! :)

Maybe you can try e-mailing me?



chelseybell. said...

that paper doll book looks amazing. definitely on my want list :).

let me know when you guys are coming to springfield and hopefully my schedule will allow for some meet up time. it would be so cool to hang out, even if for a little bit!

chelseybell. said...

p.s. the elephant traffic jam is the coolest thing i have ever heard of happening.

and you should totally read the true blood books--they are way better than the series!

and i'll totally let you borrow my set :).

Becky Farley said...

Your hippie music lolol ;)
THat's cool that you got into blog bc of that lady - Hiedi kenney is who inspired me so much! :) That embroidery book looks awesome!
I'm sooooo tired today - I think I'd rather be at work lolol lord help me!
The elephant story is sooo neat :) though now I won't go to the circus bc them hitting the elephants and tigers pissed me off (brian took me for my bday last year) so no more animal circuses for me lol

~kjirsten~ said...

Love the dolls and the embroidery book! How neat that you got to see the elephants that close! WOW! I can't wait to check out Shauna's books! I am soooo thankful that you are going to help me bet this Crohn's in the butt...the natural way! No surgery for me and a healthy way of living for my family!