Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

Today's Thankful Tuesday is from Kjirsten. I have known Kjirsten for close to ten years and just love her to pieces! She has seen me at my highest and lowest and still considers me a close friend. We don't get to see each other very often, but when we do we pick up right where we left off. I can honestly say I don't know very many people who have a heart has big as she does and today I am thankful to have her in my life!

Kjirsten says:

I am thankful for many things...

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*A loving gracious God
*A wonderful husband that supports my crazy crafting addictions, who is there while I am battling with flare ups due to my Crohn's Disease and fibromyaliga (He jokes that he should have claimed the "lemon law" on me due to my health...I am thankful he didn't),that supports us so that I am able to stay home with...

*Three healthy, beautiful children
*Our family, I was raised far away from any family, so I am so happy to be close to most of my husbands family (his brother and their family just moved across the country)
*A house to call home that is cool when it is hot outside and that is warm when it is cold inside
*Our car...we are a one car family and I am thankful that ours is still working (keeping our fingers crossed that ole' Bessy will keep moving along)
*Long time friends and new friends that are beautiful both inside and out!:)
*To be able to craft
*Our freedom, to live in the US

Be sure to stop by Kjirsten's blog Simply Loverly and say hello!!

I would love for you to join in on Thankful Tuesdays! Please email me your thankful list at ambercox711@hotmail.com. I would love to post it here!

Happy Tuesday!


~kjirsten~ said...

That is what true friends are for!!!!!! :D Through the thick and thin! Love you!

Becky Farley said...

:) awwwwww all over the place! Such a sweet post!! YOur kiddos are very precious!!

One eye wonder dog said...

kj, hey there..... your and Alex's kids are so sweet!

~kjirsten~ said...

Thank you Becky!

Rick- HI!!!!! Thank you! We really enjoy them. Children are truly a blessing! :D