Thursday, September 2, 2010

She & Him

Monday night my brother, Poot, and I saw She & Him in concert! It was an amazing show that I didn't want to end. They wouldn't allow cameras in the show, but I was sneaky and hid mine in the depths of my huge purse!

The Chapin Sisters opened for them and were also their backup singers. These girls really know how to harmonize and did a mean cover of Toxic by Britney Spears. I never thought I would hear a "folk" version of that song but it rocked!!

I was so excited to finally see Zoey, and I admit I was just as excited to see what she was wearing! She did not disappoint in her vintage dress, black tights, and white pumps. I was blown away by how great she sounds live and that she can play so many different instruments. I did manage to snap a couple of pictures without getting caught...

If you have a chance to see them MUST!!! And since I couldn't take many pictures I thought I would leave you with a few of my favorites:

(Last five pictures found via google search)


carly. said...

that looks like the cuuuutest little theater. i love the first photo of the outside of it.

Becky Farley said...

soooooooooo jealous!!! She is too cute huh? Do you or did you ever watch Weeds when she was on it - bahahahahaha she was a nut on the show - that's when I fell in love w her!
I agree with Carly that sign is so awesome!

Amber said...

Becky...I put Weeds in my Netflix Que last night before you even wrote this. I had no idea she was ever on that show. Woot woot!!! Now I really can't wait to watch it. I fell in love with her on Elf!!
Poot kept trying to get me to "wait around" after the show so I could meet her and tell her "that I have a girl crush on her". I how ever did NOT want to do that. Ha!

amylou said...

awesome. a little jealous. glad you got to sneak your camera in!

Evelyn said...

So jealous!!! That's so fantastic :) Thanks for the ninja shots. I feel the same way about seeing Z's duds as hearing her voice!