Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kansas City's Ghost & Gangsters Tour

To celebrate the first day of October, we decided to have a spooky evening with Mark, Shelley (MerMom), and Cyndi. This tour has been running for almost a year in Kansas City and well worth your money. For almost three hours, you are given a tour of KC, stopping at several haunted areas. It was neat to hear some spooky tales and historical facts about our city!
Here was our sweet ride:

Kansas City has some very scary haunted houses. Two of the most popular ones, The Edge of Hell and The Beast, are too scary for me. I end up with my eyes closed and my face shoved in the back of the person in front of me. Of course this just triggers them to scare you even more. So last night I put on my bravest face as we headed to The West Bottoms(the location of the Haunted Houses) for our tour. I was bothered once by a man dressed as Freddy Krueger, but I use to love those movies when I was younger, so I just chatted the guy up! Ha! Of course we couldn't take the tour without "acting" like we were scared...and lots of pictures were taken being silly!

(That first picture is my Blair Witch Project look minus the runny nose! Ha!)

Here are some shots from several of our stops around the city:

The Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe. We actually went to this Haunted House last year and it was creepy! It is going to be featured in an upcoming episode of America's Haunts! It was pretty dark so I couldn't get a real good picture...but it is a creepy building.

The Savoy Hotel and Grill was our next stop. The 5th floor has had several haunted tales told, especially room 505, which still remains vacant. They will not rent it out! Spooky!!

We stopped at a church downtown that has been said to be haunted in a particular area. That is why you will see everyone feeling for "cold spots" on the door. Ha! **Becky look at the orbs in that first picture....crazy!** Poot makes fun of "orbs" in photos but I think it is fun and a little creepy when they show up!

The Elmwood Cemetery was next. The cops stopped to make sure that the gate was locked and proceeded to tell our tour guide that this place definitely has some spooky vibes to it, especially just inside the big gates!

Sauer's Castle was our last stop and the highlight. Poot and I have driven out to see this before and I came home and read a lot about it. It was even creepier at night! The owner is currently living in New York, but has a grounds keeper live on site. The house is not up to code to stay in, however, their is a newer addition to the home that he does reside in. He states that every night after midnight there are at least 3-5 attempts of people trying to break into the castle! You can read more about this haunted house here.

The tour was a blast and a great way to kick off the Halloween Season!


Chrissy said...

That really looks like a lot of fun! I'd love to do that! I really like the comment to your first picture - it made me laugh out loud (I had to explain to the hubby why I was laughing & so we both ended up laughing about it)!

Becky Farley said...

baaaaaa I wish I could go!!!! I'd have to have my hand held bc my eyes would be covered ;) I'm a super scaredy cat even though I love ghosts and goblins! The orbs are so creepy and awesome!!! We always had orbs only in christmas photos at my nanny's :)
Next year I'm in!

chelseybell. said...

oh my goodness, i HATES me some ghosts. if every ghost was like casper, it would be fine. but i am so super against going into reportedly haunted places because i'm 100% sure that i will piss off a ghost and get murdered/haunted for life. i just know that it would be my luck!

email me soon and let me know when/where you want to meet up! excited to meet you!!!!!

Joanie said...

I am going this Saturday on the tour. Thanks for the info sounds like it is going to be alot of fun and freaky as all get out!

Anonymous said...

I am on the tour this very moment and am super disappointed. I had never heard anything about this tour either way and had no idea what to expect.

Obviously, stories about ghosts are pure speculation, but the guide was an idiot, had no presentation skills, the narration was vague and full of repetitive descriptions. Every story seemed the same and would start with an intense build up and end with a superior let-down such as "no one knows" or "mr boss was very scared." WTF??

On top of that, the tour advertised a "coach bus" which you can see in the picture is a painted school bus. The sound system kept failing and the driver told everyone she was a legitimate psychic.

1 out of 10