Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for:

*cooler Fall Weather

*Monday night movies with my mother-in-law
. Last night we saw:

It was an excellent movie!

*my scarf collection! I have been so excited to start wearing them again and the cooler weather is finally allowing it!

*Chai Tea!
I swear that Karma Sutra has the best cup in KC!

Why does everything taste better in these cute small cups?

*a clean house!!

* Wine!!! Especially red wine!!

Hey it is good for your heart right?
*Completing two Christmas presents before October!! I still can't believe it! I am determined to be ahead this year and so far it seems that i am gonna accomplish this goal! Woot!!

What are you thankful for this beautiful Tuesday??


One eye wonder dog said...

I too am thankful for cooler weather, time spent with Grandma Chickie at 99 years old & the fact that she is still able to live by herself on her farm; my beautiful wife & the 37 years we've shared together & knowing we have many more to come; my daughter that has such a great spirit & a huge heart & the sweetest smile in the world; my son-in-law that has fit right in to our family (it was meant to be & I'm so thankful)& the fact that he is so caring to all he meets, not to mention his love for his wife; my son who has grown into a super young man & the fact that he is getting to teach & live in Spain for 9 months as well as getting to travel the world; my job; my health; my family; my friends; my pets; time spent riding my Harley & my old car; and for being lead to a Church we love attending.

Becky Farley said...

aww I love seeing your thankful list!!! Chai tea is my love too!
I'm thankful for 63 degree weather when I woke up and my sister coming home and my love taking me to a pinball expo - what a crazy fellow!

Catherine Holman said...

Wow! Your dad and my hubby is something, don't you think? I've been blessed to have married the most wonderful man ever and blessed beyond words with a daughter and son that bring tears to my eyes at the sight of them. I'm blessed to have a son in law that loves my daughter so much and lets everyone know it. God has blessed us with his powerful love. I'm truly thankful to get to spend the entire day Friday with my daughter and son in law!
Love you,

amylou said...

Love your list!
I want to see that movie!