Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend Birthday Celebrations

Despite the crazy blizzard that blew through Kansas City... I had a great birthday! Thank you so much for all the sweet comments yesterday! Becky is such an awesome friend and so sneaky!
Over the weekend we celebrated with my family. My mom made me gluten free spaghetti and the yummiest cake ever! Here are some pictures I snapped with my iphone (of course, I hardly use my regular camera anymore Ha!)

I was able to talk to my Bubba via skype...

And my dad suprised me with a bunch of my Grandma Ruby's crochet supplies! These are so special to me!!

I love all the flowers she had made!

After celebrating with my family we came home to celebrate our dear friend Cyndi's birthday! We took her out for some tasty Kansas City BBQ and then played games all evening!

I love February! We have so many friends and family members that have birthdays that it feels like one big celebration!



One eye wonder dog said...

Is the new Iron & Wine Cd growing on you yet?

Becky Farley said...

Hehe! I'm so glad you had a wonderful snowed in birthday w poot and a wonderful weekend w your family and your brother via skype - thank goodness for technology!! :) that's awesome your dad gave you all your grandmas craft tools, you're the best gal to carry on the craftiness! ;) so sweet of your mama to make a special gluten free dinner! Oh and you'll have to do an entire post on poots birthday! It's seriously the sweetest thing ever! ;)
Happy unbirthday sweet friend!