Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Owlet Vintage Spring Sale

It's coming!!!
Head on over to my etsy shop for my Spring Sale! I have lowered the prices all on the items in my shop for a week!

There are lots of cute dresses still available just in time for Spring! I want to clear out my racks to make room for all the new goodies I have been thrifting!

Speaking of Spring...after spending several days in the frigid breezes of Minneapolis, I am ready for warmer weather. Hopefully the sun will peak it's head out soon here in KC. I am ready for barefeet and picnics!! What are you looking forward to this Spring?



Meg said...

Only need 1 word to tell you what I'm looking forward to in Spring....Baseball!

One eye wonder dog said...

Ditto to Meg & riding my scooter.

~kjirsten~ said...

I am looking forward to a picnic at a dear friends house. My kids will be able to run around their huge (like 3 acre huge) yard. :o) And the adults can play some yard games!