Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jewelry Crush....

I recently happened upon a couple of websites that carry some pretty stellar jewelry! I have been looking for a simple, delicate, and shorter chained necklace for some time and this necklace is perfection:

You can find it here from Stella & Dot.

Kris Nations has so many pieces I want it is hard to choose.

**I want this because Arkansas is where we got engaged and married. Plus, I love how it spaced out to look like ar-kan-sas!**Ha!

**I need to get this one for my dear friend Becky. You can get these in any state and they are made from recycled metal!!

I don't typically wear alot of gold tone jewelry but these have really made me change my mind!


chelseybell. said...

love all of these--especially the state necklaces.

Becky Farley said...

holy crap those are all SOOOOOOOO awesome!!!! I love the FL one and those bracelets! Wow that site is so cool! I want like 15 things from it lolol

Becky Farley said...

Wait where are those bracelets? :) I don't see them and I need them!

emily said...

i'm a little sad. i got really excited seeing those state necklaces but they don't have my state. i think new hampshire is too big of a name for too tiny a state. they're super cute. i just wish they liked us up here in the north east. :(